Job Overview

Occupational and Non-Occupational injury and illness reporting
•Ensure that incident(injury and illness) reports contain accurate medical details.
•Identify trends  in illnesses and recommend strategies to site management to improve site safety and health.
•Review sickness absence.

Case Management
•Ensure appropriate health care management of cases to improve treatment outcomes, and expedite a safe and timely return to work.
•Supervise contract/other site nurses on injury and illness assessment, pre-placement and ergonomics  evaluations, treatment and referral including EAP( Employee Assistance Program) support annual health assessments.

Pre-employment/Pre-placement/Health surveillance examinations and occupational hygiene measurements
•Assist with arranging pre-placement and health surveillance test for eligible employees.
•Occupational medical surveillance programs include hearing tests, vision tests, pulmonary function tests, enzyme exposed, motor vehicle driver’s examination and   food handler’s clearance examination.

Communication and Training
•Consult with individual mill/sites to recruit, orientate, coach, mentor and evaluate contract nurses to ensure the highest standards of health care delivery.

Consultation and Participating Safety Committee
•Providing information and consultation to the employees for food safety, environmental and chemical toxicity issues could cause health and productivity impacts.
•Participating in Safety Committee meeting and safety walk through survey activity.

Consumer hotline Consultation  
•Working with Consumer hotline to deal with customers’ complaint of products which might impact their health and solve the problems and make the customer satisfaction.

First Aid and Medical Emergency Response Plans(MERPs)
•Participate in developing and review medical emergency and response plans for each site. Monitor and review first aid system. Assist with first aid training courses and working with Safety Manager/Supervisor to make MERPs drills.
•First-aid training 3 course/year.

Health promotion/Health education 
•Develop a health promotion strategy in a cost-efficient manner target common.
•Provide information to employees and management on health issues(work related and non-work related) to promote healthy lifestyles ( such as smoking cessation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hepatitis, sexual transmitted diseases, work life balance…etc. ).
•Campaigning prevention and surveillance of COVID 19, HIV/AIDS and other contagious diseases etc.
•Provide Campaigning Prevention 5 health issues/year.
•Educate 4 Ergonomics course/year.

Clinical Best Practices
•Follow procedures for good clinic practices and first aid station practices by following health department and Company. Set procedures for monitoring all clinic supplies and carry out regular equipment and supply checks. Standing orders for nurses should be developed with Company Medical advisor for common health problems on-site. (Number of visit in OH  500-600 persons per year).

Refer to Employee Assistance Program(EAP) provider/counselling
•Identify EAP problems and refer to preferred mental health providers.
•Conduct  employee communication sessions to assist employees in understanding.
•EAP concept and encourage use when available. Arrange post-incident crisis  debriefing situations (e.g. natural disaster, employee injury or fatality, lay-offs).
•Ensure that Company policy such as Alcohol and Drugs Policy is followed in case of positive drug results, employee violence or severe mental health issue. (Number of lives reached 900-1,000 persons per year).

Health Insurance 
•Contact and negotiate with Health Insurance Company to comply the agreement for  the best approach and service to U-employees.

Office and Road Safety
•Participating with HR and Safety Department to walk through survey office and taking part in Road Safety committee activity.
•Walk through survey office and road safety : 12 times/year (monthly)
•Medical expenses
•Responsible for medical expenses reimbursement for all level of employees in case of health insurance in all sectors and Old Scheme including Expats and Wall’s man  of all concessionaires.
•Negotiate with suppliers to provide market price with reasonable price to reduce cost for the company.

Medical expenses for pre-employment to Vibharam Hospital,Churarat 8-9 Hospital, Piyavate Hospital, Vibhavadi Hospital and Nawamin Hospital (includes 3 sites).
•Medicine expenses for old scheme and insurance to Pharmacy shop-21 and KST pharmacy shop.
•Number of employee to responsible for expenses include 3 sites (Medical insurance : 2500 – 3500 cases/year ), (Old Scheme: 500 – 600 cases/year).

Annual Health Check Up & Flu Shot
•Co-ordinate for board annual health check-up and coordinate with external vendors to conduct annual health  checkup and flu shot.

Collaborate with Reward Manager/Employee Relation Manager

Providing advice and expand on the impact of old  scheme and health insurance plans.

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